CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are a great, easy way to find support if you struggle with sore muscles, joint aches and other symptoms. At Wildgreens, we offer CBD topical creams so you can easily benefit from this natural remedy.

How It Works

CBD (cannabidiol) comes from the cannabis (hemp) plant just like THC comes from the cannabis (marijuana) plant. And while THC is the ingredient that most people think of when they think of marijuana, CBD from the hemp plant has many benefits and doesn’t produce a psychoactive “high.”

When you use a CBD cream, the CBD is absorbed by the skin and then carried to cannabinoid receptors. CBD helps to support sore muscles and joint aches, and our CBD creams are made with natural camphor and menthol to deliver soothing coolness in combination with the support of CBD.

If you suffer from or frequently experience sore muscle and joint aches from sports or work, CBD topical creams can be a great solution.

Wildgreens performs thorough lab testing on all our CBD products to ensure they are THC-free and safe for use. Try our CBD topical creams if you are interested in natural support methods and want to reduce your dependence on synthetic pain medication.


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CBD Balm

900mg / 2 oz 

Lavender / Eucalyptus


CBD Balm

450mg / 2 oz 

Lavender / Eucalyptus


CBD Salve Stick

250mg / .5 oz

No Scent


CBD Lotion

200mg / 4 oz