CBD Tinctures

Sub-lingual CBD tinctures are one of the most traditional ways to consume CBD. With a highly concentrated CBD oil delivered directly under the tongue, you can quickly receive the benefits as your body absorbs the CBD.

Wildgreens offers CBD tinctures for stress support in a variety of concentrations. If you are interested in taking CBD for stress support, take a look at our CBD tinctures.

CBD Tinctures for Stress Support

CBD is always delivered as an oil, but often the oil is combined with other ingredients, such as lotion, or is delivered in a capsule. With CBD tinctures, you use the oil itself and deliver it right under your tongue where there are many blood vessels ready to absorb the CBD and deliver it to your bloodstream.

Some CBD tinctures contain trace amounts of TCH, but the CBD from Wildgreens includes less than 0.0 mg of THC so you can take it safely. Depending on your preferences and experience with CBD, you can choose a tincture that contains 7.5, 15, 30, or 45 mg per serving.

Our tinctures come in two flavors: mint and citrus. All our products are also independently tested, and each product label includes a QR code that buyers can use to view the results of these tests.

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